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1 year ago

Swiss White Label Securitization Firm For Sale

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Unique opportunity to acquire a Swiss Corporate Finance & Venture Capital Firm on a White Label basis from a Swiss FINMA regulated Asset Management Firm.

The Company turns any investment idea into a bankable and publicly quoted security. An opportunity like this rarely comes to the market.

The Company serves clients with the ability to securitize bankable and non-bankable assets with a Swiss or global ISIN. It provides clients a first-class off-balance sheet and segregated issuance vehicle: a perfect solution for clients to issue their own financial instruments (Swiss or Luxembourg structured products) on portfolio and trading strategies as AMCs (Alternatively Managed Certificates), CLNs (Credit Linked Notes) and Trackers, offering a fixed investment allocation.

The Company provide clients a free choice of prime broker/custodian, custom-made payout structures, unlimited rebalancing within the portfolios. Additionally, the Company’s issuance platform also enables it to securitize alternative assets on behalf of itself or clients, like Private Equity (structured as “trackers”) or Private Debt (Credit Linked Notes). It cooperates with Swiss and Luxembourg based Asset Managers, Banks and Distributors of the AMCs and other instruments.

The Company establishes a new and separate issuance vehicle for each client and all clients are completely separeted. It can issue as many notes from the same vehicle, cross-asset, cross-custodian, as it prefers.

All instruments issued comes with Swiss or global ISINs and all are quoted on Bloomberg, SIX (Swiss Stock Exchange) and the Vienna MTF Stock Exchange. Crypto Investment funds are as an example a speciality and a great M&A tool for acquisitions of Blockchain (and other) businesses.

The platform allows even small invested amounts (retail clients), plus portfolio managers and fund managers can easily form their issuing strategies to include public, private and digital assets. Through this they can achieve even greater levels of diversification within a single security with a Swiss or global ISIN. This creates access to nearly any asset class for a wide range of investors (including retail).

An investor simply plugs in their preferred custodian or broker and the White Label platform manages everything else for them. This is the power of having a fully flexible and accessible solution without a balance sheet or provider restrictions, trading constraints or asset class limitations.

The Company has banking arrangements with a major Swiss bank.

Price: CHF 85,000 (payment in crypto accepted), which includes an Unlimited amount of issued instruments.

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