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U.S. M.S.B. Companies for Sale – Only EUR 25.000.00

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U.S. Money Service Business Companies (M.S.B.) For Sale!

We make it easy for you to start your own U.S. Money Service Business Company (MSB) in the ultra-liberal State of Montana, USA, for Payment Processing Services (P.S.P.), Currency Exchange (FX), Crypto/FIAT Exchange at ONLY EUR 25,000.00 all-inclusive & with a very fast turnaround (and – optionally – for another EUR 17,000.00 for the EBANQ software & platform).

We can offer a complete entity package complete with Federal registration as a Money Service Business (MSB). Business activities can include but are not limited to:

● Money Transmission (Payment Services)
● Crypto/Fiat Exchange
● Foreign Exchange (Forex)

The M.S.B. is often used as a legal vehicle in combination with our Swedish Trust Companies in order to widen the range of permissible financial activities.

Our MSB package includes:

● Company documentation in English
● Registration with IRS for Employer Identification Number (EIN)
● Registration with FINCEN as Money Service Business (MSB)
● AML/CFT Policy and Compliance Program
● Resident Agent and registered office fees (year 1)

Total cost for legal entity package: EUR 25,000.00, i.e. 50% payment of legal entity fees are due upon ordering, with the remaining balance due upon the finalized registration of the Company in accordance with your instructions.

MSB Company Structure

Minimum amount of partners/founders: 1
Qualification requirements: none
Minimum paid up capital: none
Time-frame for new formation: 4 weeks (we are also having some ready-made units, never traded)

We choose to structure the MSB as a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in Montana, USA. Montana is the only US state with no state level regulation or license requirements for MSB’s. This means that you only need to register with FINCEN on a federal level. This helps to keep the structure cost effective and straightforward while obtaining the same legal capacity as any state licensed MSB. It should be noted that if you plan on offering financial services in other US states, you will need to comply with state licensing requirements in those jurisdictions.

Should you be interested, please don’t hesitate to contact us ASAP!

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