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The idea of Fintech Trader evolved when we were searching for already licensed financial companies for sale across the web. Although we could find several Electronic Money Institutions, Payment Institutions and fully Licensed Banks for sale, it took quite some effort to consolidate the information from multiple sellers, intermediaries, online directories and other market players. After having compiled the data so that offers could be easily compared and assessed, we realized that the resulting spreadsheet had become somewhat of a treasure. It contained extensive data on literally hundreds of licensed financial entities for sale worldwide at that moment in time. 

We had found some marketplace sites with several financial entities for sale listed in one place. However, they were not specialized in fintech as such. You could perhaps find an EMI in Lithuania for sale but also a diamond shop in Antwerp or a shoe store in Warsaw. Some other sites were focused on location based listings. For us, a specific location was not necessarily a top search parameter. An Electronic Money Institution (EMI) for sale in Estonia could very well be of equal interest to a buyer as one licensed in say Sweden or Cyprus. It’s called the Single European Payment Area (SEPA) after all. That’s different if you’re looking for a physical shoe store for sale.

What if there would be a well functioning marketplace specifically for Fintech? A place where you would find licensed entities for sale, licensing services, white-label banking software, card issuing, AML compliance and everything else of relevance and interest to fintech startups, also to non-EU entities, i.e. Canadian and US MSB’s, Australian AFS licenses, New Zealand FSP’s and so on, all in one place? Fintech Trader was born!

We offer free advertising for anything fintech related worldwide. Leads contact the advertisers directly without us acting in between or trying to meddle where we add no value. Our main objective is to build the #1 Fintech Marketplace in the world by attracting high quality ads/content and consequently also high quality website traffic. Thank you for helping us achieve that goal together!

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We are here to bring fintech buyers and sellers together through a clean and uncluttered user interface. Play the video to find out how we helped Alec find an Electronic Money Institution (EMI) for sale!

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