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International Debt Collection

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Struggling with international Debt Collection? Publish Debt and Debtor Data in our public international database. We concluded that many debtors do not care about regular payment reminders, threats of legal action and other typical measures. They simply know that a company in say Spain, is not going to go after a company in British Virgin Islands for a EUR 1000 debt. However, if the details of their debt will be published in a public debtor database, and their debt listing shows up on page 1 in Google every time their company name gets googled, the story changes. You can register and publish any number of debt listings in our database. The listing will be easily found in Google since each listing contains the name of the debtor in the page title, URL and page body. Listings include basic information such as amount owed, days overdue and the nature of debt. Visit www.interdebtors.com for further details. 

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