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2 Year Old New Zealand FSP Financial Service Provider

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New Zealand FSP for sale over 2 Years Old, including Bank Account in top New Zealand Bank (ANZ and or BNZ)

The company was originally created to handle remittance, crypto trading, hold individual and corporate accounts acting like a Bank, holding custody of trading assets and instruments, to securitize for investment purposes and issue instruments, to make loans and issue debt instruments, trade in equities and securities on behalf of clients on public markets and exchanges, to trade in FOREX, provide wallet services, issue credit cards, and manage funds and or cells for investment purposes, including discretional management of funds.

The process of purchasing the company is to enter into an agreement, and deposit funds in escrow. Within 5 business days, the directors and ownership will be transferred. The Company comes with existing Bank Account in multiple currencies.

Please note it comes with the resident director and office as required by law, however, by taking over the company, you will need to pay the ongoing monthly costs for the Director and Office space. The Director plays an active role in KYC, AML, Governance and Compliance of the Company, and advises ongoing for the company on all matters related to New Zealand Law and Reporting.

A New Zealand registered Financial Service Provider (FSP), may lawfully:

·Provide money services such as issuing electronic money, exchanging currencies and providing payment services to customers or investors,

·Accept deposits, open current accounts and issue term deposits, convertible notes and other debt securities to customers or investors,

·Issue other financial products such as equity securities (company shares) and managed investment products (limited partnership interests, units in a unit trust etc.) to customers or investors,

·Distribute, market, offer and sell financial products issued by other issuers to investors or customers (including loans and insurance policies),

·Trade financial products or foreign currencies for clients,

·Provide financial advice to clients (opinions, recommendations, investment plans) to acquire or dispose of financial products,

·Provide the service of keeping, investing, administering or managing, money, securities, or investment portfolios on behalf of clients or investors,

·Trade financial products or foreign exchange on behalf of clients or investors,

·Provide a discretionary investment management service to clients or investors,

·Be a fund manager, and/or

·Provide peer-to-peer loan services and crowd funding services.

We also form brand new FSPs, which take 6 – 8 weeks to form and register as an FSP. The cost of a “From Scratch” company is only $100,000 USD. Therefore you could either purchase the existing companies and be operational in 5 days, or save $100,000 and take the time of 6-8 weeks to form your own newly incorporated firm.

A New Zealand FSP with a place of business in New Zealand may be registered to provide these services, and provide them to customers, clients or investors outside New Zealand, and to wholesale investors and close business associates in New Zealand:

·without the requirement for further licencing, authorisation, capital requirements or prudential financial supervision,

·without the requirement to issue a Product Disclosure Statement, prospectus or to comply with similar public securities issuance requirements (as these are generally required only for offers of financial products to retail investors in New Zealand),

·but subject to New Zealand AML/CFT recognition, regulation and supervision (including requirements for a Risk Assessment, AML/CFT Compliance Programme, Compliance Officer, Annual Report and two-yearly independent external audits),

·but subject to a requirement to join an approved Dispute Resolution Service (if providing services to retail clients anywhere in the world),

·but subject to New Zealand fair-trading, fair dealing and other anti-abuse provisions (for example, prohibiting unsubstantiated representations in respect of financial products and financial services), and

·Supported by New Zealand’s advanced and flexible institutional and legal system allowing for notarisation and apostille of documents, access to the New Zealand Financial Services dispute resolution systems, civil court system as well as Alternative Dispute Resolution services such as mediation, expert determination and arbitration.

A New Zealand registered FSP may be structured and registered as:

·A New Zealand incorporated and tax-resident company, which will be taxed at 28% on its worldwide income. Dividends paid from after-tax profits are free of any further New Zealand taxation, and New Zealand has no capital gains tax.

·A New Zealand Limited Partnership,[1] which is fiscally transparent, and provides for the confidentiality of the limited partners’ details.

·A New Zealand Foreign Trust with a resident foreign trustee (which is generally a New Zealand incorporated and tax resident company). This structure is taxable only on its New Zealand sourced income, and no New Zealand tax applies to foreign sourced income, or capital gains, whether retained in the trust and when distributed to the non-resident beneficiaries.

·A New Zealand Unit Trust, which is treated for tax purposes as a company, and which may be tax resident in New Zealand, or not. Such a Unit Trust provides confidentiality of the unitholders’ details, as well as the possibility to be not tax resident in New Zealand.

·A New Zealand Building Society, which will be incorporated and tax-resident in New Zealand and taxed as a company. This structure requires a minimum of 20 founding members, who much each contribute not less than NZ$1,000, and the total subscription for the founding 20 members must be not less than NZ$200,000.

·A foreign-incorporated company (however the requirements of the country of incorporation should also be checked to determine any compliance requirements in that country).

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