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Publicly Quoted 500 Mill € Crypto AMC For Sale

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A unique opportunity to acquire a Swiss registered Crypto Investment Company with a 500 Mill EUR Alternatively Managed Certificate (AMC) issued and managed by a Swiss Asset Management Firm.

The AMC has a Swiss ISIN and is delivered quoted on the Vienna Stock Exchange, Bloomberg and Telekurs. The name can be changed to suit a buyer’s requirements.

Listing: Vienna Stock Exchange / Bloomberg / Telekurs (Swiss ISIN)
Offering: Private Placement
Clearing Institution: SIX SIS AG (Swiss Stock Exchange)

The Swiss Crypto Investment Company is the exclusive Manager / Product Sponsor / Distributor and deal / transaction provider to the AMC. The Company collects all fees, commissions, sales & investment proceeds from the AMC.

Investment Strategy:

The investment objective of the AMC is to achieve long-term capital growth by investing in the worldwide largest 40 crypto assets (i.e. cryptocurrencies, tokens), based on a two-stage equal weighting model (or as per a buyer’s own strategy).

There are no geographic limitations on investors (apart form sanctioned or blacklisted) and investors can trade the AMC publicly through their bank or securities broker / account world-wide.

Investors with global crypto strategies can invest into a portfolio of unique opportunities and benefit from:

• A rule-based investment strategy into the crypto world
• Gain access to an attractive yield via investing in the 40 most liquid cryptocurrencies (or as amended)
• Improve their performance with uncorrelated crypto assets
• Benefit from minimal or no tax implications (subject to legal and local taxation advice)
• Benefit from Swiss banking private accounts and asset management arrangements

In addition, the AMC’s Swiss securities custodian platform is providing a secondary market in the AMC with daily NAV quotations and full back office admin services.

The annual back office and admin cost for the AMC is approximately CHF 36,000, plus a nominal transaction fee.

A truly unique and unrivalled opportunity to acquire a publicly quoted EUR 500 mill crypto fund raising security and a Swiss based Investment Company.

Asking Price: CHF 115,000. Terms available subject to agreement.

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