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Swiss Bank License – Unique Opportunity

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Modern banking from Switzerland. 

We offer a truly unique opportunity for a commercial or private digital bank in Switzerland, currently in operation as a “semi” bank with a full Asset & Portfolio Management license processed direct with FINMA and with current SRO licensing.

With a FINMA banking licence, the company is able to close an important gap between the new digital economy and traditional banking. The proliferation of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) is leading to the formation of new markets and innovative ways of creating value. Therefore, the bank combine technological advances with the proven elements of traditional banking.

Regulation is crucial for the protection of investors – an integrated and fully supervised bank with focus on digital assets will serve the growing demand for investment alternatives and the increasing affinity for technology and process engineering. In addition, a streamlined onboarding structure leaving the current almost impossible account opening structure behind.

The Bank will enable professional individuals and companies as well as institutional clients to invest, safely keep, trade and borrow against digital and traditional assets, all in one place. For Blockchain companies the Bank will provide accounts and custody for fiat and digital assets as one of a select few Swiss banks today.


– Commercial bank license (incl. the Asset MGM license providing for operating as a “semi” bank currently)
– Swiss National Bank Clearing Account (also direct IBAN issuing)
– SWIFT, MasterCard & Visa connected
– Very experienced bank management team – FINMA approved and regulated board of directors

The Bank is designed to make banking and onboarding effortless for private individuals and corporates alike. Client’s will automatically get accounts in four currencies – CHF, EUR, GBP, and USD – along with a metal and virtual VISA debit card. Foreign exchange services and international withdrawals and payments are also included.

Implementation period is 10 months. The same timeline as for acquiring and obtaining clearence for a Swiss bank (if found for sale), but at a fraction of the cost. Meanwhile, and crucially, being FINMA licensed & regulated as a full Asset & Portfolio Management Company, the company can operate and generate income as a “semi” bank during the implemenation period.

Total capital requirements (including regulatory capital):

Private Investment Bank (including Luxembourg fund structure): CHF 1.5 million

Commercial Bank License: CHF 57 mill       

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